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The Institute of Health Visiting offers accreditation for products from other providers deemed relevant to health visitors and health professionals working with children, families and communities to improve health outcomes.

We encourage applications from providers of multi-agency training programmes as we believe learning together supports robust working together.

Accreditation provides:

  • A robust external review process for your product
  • Recognition of products that contribute high-quality learning opportunities for practitioners
  • Identification of CPD hours undertaken for revalidation with professional regulatory bodies (NMC, GMC) for participants of accredited programmes

What we accredit?

  • Conferences
  • Workshops and Masterclasses
  • Short training programmes, e.g. 1-2 day training products
  • Training resources, e.g. toolkits or training packs when associated with any of the above
  • Face-to-face and virtual products

Accreditation is a formal process which assures the quality of the product. The process of accreditation requires demonstration of quality, by the applicant, through the submission of information about their product.

All iHV-accredited products are assessed by an expert panel via a rigorous review process:

  • The iHV accredits the event or programme – not the organisation seeking the accreditation nor the participants attending any iHV-accredited programmes
  • Academic credits are not awarded – but the accreditation scheme does provide a quality indicator of CPD activities and can offer practitioners greater levels of confidence in the product or programme
  • We do not offer accreditation for programmes or products directed at the public.

Length of accreditation:

Training programmes (recurring programmes) are accredited for a three-year period, provided that no significant changes are made to the programme approved during this period. Minor amendments based upon evaluation feedback and updates to the evidence are expected and encouraged.

Conferences and workshops (i.e. one-off events) are accredited for that single event only. Our charges reflect this.

Logo use:

We provide an iHV Accredited logo electronically to be applied to agreed materials relating to the programme accredited.


The timescale for completion of the review process will be outlined once suitability of the product for accreditation has been assessed.


There are costs attached to the accreditation process. We apply a sliding scale of charges depending on the nature of the organisation applying for accreditation of a product, the type of product being accredited, and length of accreditation required.

To apply for accreditation:

For more information about our accreditation scheme, discussion about suitability of products and applicable charges please contact:
[email protected].

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