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This programme is designed for single or multi-agency audiences, across all UK nations, to improve the experience and mental health care that people who are LGBTQI+ and their families access and receive during the perinatal period. Our events are co-delivered by facilitators with lived experience, and joined by additional speakers who share their lived experience of perinatal mental health on the day.

The content of this programme will be delivered across the following modules:

  • Ancient history, global perspectives and modern-day legislation
  • Knowledge, skills and attitudes to effectively engage and support people who are LGBTQI+ and their families in the perinatal period
  • LGBTQI+ people and mental health
  • Routes to starting a family
  • Minority stress, stigma and discrimination

Multi-agency training

An integrated training approach through multi-agency training is central to the future of coordinated and integrated perinatal care for families. We offer our training programmes across the workforce, including health visiting, maternity and neonatal care, mental health professionals, social care, early years and voluntary organisations supporting parents and carers.

What is Awareness training?

The Awareness format of training is excellent for growing knowledge and confidence across the workforce. The Awareness training aims to offer the same high quality learning experience as our Champions training, to support participants to develop the mindset and skills required to work effectively with families in the perinatal period, to promote good emotional health, offer evidence-based assessment and support, and know when to refer on to other services.

Following training the participants receive access to resources for consolidation of their own learning only, and there is no access to materials to support a cascade of Awareness training (see Champions for this format of training).

The LGBTQI+ People & PMH Awareness programme is recognised as Level 1 learning for the Start for Life Family Hubs initiative and is suitable and currently used to support learning across a wide range of professional disciplines.

What is Champions training?

The Champions model of training is excellent for sustainability and growing the capacity of a workforce to meet its own needs for future training. Following training the Champions can use resources provided to undertake a cascade of awareness training to colleagues (where agreed locally).

The Champions programme also aims to support informal leadership and advocacy for the subject. Champions are intended to be advocates for families impacted within their local area, be a resource for colleagues around the subject (in line with their scope of practice) and empower colleagues to promote parity of esteem for LGBTQI+ People with PMH, become involved in supporting and progressing integrated care pathways/initiatives in their area, and promote evidence-based practice for the subject within their work.

Attributes of a Champion include: having an interest in LGBTQI+ mental health care perinatally, being a good communicator and having the confidence to promote the subject with others (or train from a lesson plan and resources), and being organised and able to contribute to initiatives being developed in their workplace or deliver small groups of awareness training (where agreed locally).


LGBTQI+ People & PMH Training Programmes options


LGBTQI+ People & PMH Awareness Training

This training programme is designed for participants’ own Continuing Professional Development around LGBTQI+ people and PMH. It covers the content described in the main page with a pace of delivery, activities and depth of discussions that vary from our Champions format for this popular training. Note: there is no cascade of training associated with this

1 Day

LGBTQI+ People & PMH Champions Training

This training programme prepares participants to undertake a ‘Champion’ role, equipping them with materials to deliver a cascade of multi-agency 1-day awareness level training for colleagues using materials we provide. In addition, all participants have access to iHV Champions’ quarterly virtual Forums and Bulletins to maintain their confidence and competence. Access is granted for 2

1 Day
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