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Education is central to the purpose and vision of the iHV. High-quality initial education in health visiting and high-quality continuing professional development for all health visitors will help ensure quality, consistency and effectiveness in health visiting practice.

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There are a number of key themes concerning education and health visiting:

Professional Standards:

  • The NMC’s evaluation, review and publication of the Standards of Proficiency for Specialist Community Public Health Nursing as part of its Programme of Change for Education.

iHV work:

Professional development:

  • The importance of ongoing learning throughout a career to enable growth and progression at all stages.

iHV work:

  • Please see our pages:
  • Beyond SCPHN-HV registration, our training department delivers a range of programmes to support your professional development and leadership journey. This includes training in a range of topics relevant to health visiting practice and more specialist training, e.g. as a Champion or Ambassador.
  • To keep updated, members can join our regular free iHV Insights events throughout the year. These 1-hour webinars provide excellent ‘bite-sized’ updates on a range of popular topics and feature experts from different fields of health visiting practice. You can access the current programme and sign up here.
  • We engage with our iHV members on education and workforce issues through iHV networking events.
  • The iHV also hosts a vibrant Specialist Health Visitor Perinatal Infant Mental Health (PIMH) group where key learning and resources are shared between members.
  • SCPHN programme leaders interested in how to support student access to a range a iHV learning materials can find out more at the corporate members and student members pages.
  • To ask about iHV University visits, send in an email to [email protected]

Leadership Game

The Institute of Health Visiting (iHV), in partnership with Focus Games Ltd, launched the Leadership Game – a group learning tool that supports all health and social care professionals to explore, discuss and participate in collective leadership.

Effective compassionate leadership is vital at every level of health and social care. However, individuals and teams must be nurtured and supported to develop the competencies and behaviours required for effective clinical leadership. The Leadership Game is a unique group-learning tool that delivers this support.

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