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Use our helpful factsheets to find expert advice on key areas of looking after your new baby from when they are born to when they go to school. Written by experts in the field, they cover topics such as feeding, health, behaviour and development, and are based on up-to-date research and the experience and knowledge of real-life health visitors working across the UK.

Click on the topic links below to read the factsheets online or download a printable PDF.

Please also see our Parenting through Coronavirus section with resources to support families during the COVID-19 outbreak and beyond.

*The iHV does not authorise the direct placement of any Parent Tips or any other iHV products on any secondary websites hosted by organisations, or other bodies, outside the iHV. If you would like to disseminate iHV Parent Tips please can you do so by sharing the direct link to the product webpage on our website.


Moving from pregnancy to the first few weeks

In this section, parents will find tips to support the early days of having a baby which include tips on: Childhood Immunisations; Cradle Cap; Understanding your Baby; Safer Sleep for your Baby; Oral Thrush; Your relationship as new parents; Skin to Skin contact with your baby; Sex and intimacy.



In this section, you will find useful links to information on breastfeeding.


Mental Health

In this section, you will find tips to help and support the promotion of mental health and emotional well being as new parents.


Healthy Weight, Healthy Nutrition

In this section, you will find tips  promote healthy nutrition and weight in your toddler’s diet. These include tips on feeding your older child, encouraging children to eat vegetables, among others.


Minor Illness and Reducing Accidents

In this section, you will find tips on a wide range of minor illness topics as well as tips for reducing accidents and promoting safety in a variety of instances.


Respiratory Illnesses – Tips for Parents


In this section, you will find tips and resources on various respiratory illnesses including Bronchiolitis and RSV, Croup, Difficulty breathing and wheeze – including easy read and translated versions.


Health and Development of your toddler

In this section, parents  will find tips to support healthy 2 – 4 year olds get ready for school. Useful information can be found on: dealing with difficult behaviour, general safety, independent sleep; smoking near children; toilet training, among others.