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Autism in the Early Years Factographic

This factographic was funded by NHS England, and co-designed with professionals and families, to share useful information and resources to support parents and carers who have children in the Early Years, who they think may have autism. Also for professionals to support learning and understanding of autism in the Early Years and pre-diagnosis.

There are 4 sections to the factographic:

  • Working with families – this section shares insights from parents of autistic children, and those with lived experience, about what life is like with autism, and before diagnosis.
  • Key facts – this section gives background facts about autism and aims to dispel some common myths, as well as signs of what autism can look like in the early years.
  • Communication – this section has information about the different ways autistic people may communicate, as well as tools that can support communication development, and how to understand what behaviour may be communicating.
  • Support for you – this section signposts to various organisations that support families and professionals with different aspects of autism.

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