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Position Statements

Shape of Caring Position Statement

The iHV responds to HEE Shape of Caring Review (Willis, 2015).

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Shape of Caring

IHV responds to Law Commission Report

The Institute of Health Visiting believes that the profession of health visiting should be fully regulated in statute to protect the public.

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Position statement

Health Visitors wearing uniform

Some health visiting services are now being managed by hospital trusts and some of these employers have decided that their health visitors should be wear nursing uniforms despite their very different professional role.

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Wearing uniforms

Health Visitor Education

The iHV has written this position statement on their views on what the future of health visitor education should look like and in particular how it could be strengthened but also what the blocks to doing that are

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iHV Annual Reports

7th Annual Report

It is time to look forward and lay the foundations for a new future for health visiting. We have worked hard with many partners to deliver our evidence-based Vision for the profession and are thrilled by how well it has been received across the system. We are now working across government to seek support for its implementation. The evidence is stark, health visiting does deliver clear public health outcomes in at least fifteen priority areas for children. Stay close – together we can create a better future for babies, children and their families.

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6th Annual Report

Institute has been working hard behind the scenes to raise the concerns of English health visitors, and those of the Institute, regarding the measurable effects of reduced public health budgets on outcomes for all young children and their families. As a result, our voice has been heard by health visiting’s many friends in Parliament, partner organisations, by journalists and by the public.

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5th Annual Report

As the Institute celebrates its 5th year, our team continues to develop and grow, and as a result increase their contributions and impact on the Institute’s core business of improving outcomes for children and families.

We remain endlessly impressed and proud by the work of our amazing members and all that they do everyday. Despite sometimes challenging circumstances, they still give their all to make a difference to children, families and communities.

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4th Annual Report

As we celebrate our fourth birthday, we wonder where four years have gone!
Thank you to each and every one of you who have helped make the Institute the organisation it is today. Without you we could never have got so far, so fast.

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3rd Annual Report

After a standing start just three years ago we can now say with confidence that the Institute is here to stay!

The recurring highlight of this year has been seeing so many of our members becoming local leaders in their communities.

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2nd Annual Report

What a year it’s been! Thrilled to see our innovations liberating the talents of so many in the health visiting profession. This supports our core purpose: to deliver positive health outcomes for children and families nationwide.

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1st Annual Report

Our focus in our first year has been on steady and sustainable development: one of the things the profession needs most.

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Survey Reports

Results of the State of Health Visiting Survey 2016

Results of the State of Health Visiting Survey 2016

In November 2016, the iHV surveyed its associates, yielding over 1220 responses from front-line health visitors.

This is a member only document. Non health visitors who work in public health related areas may join the iHV as Friends to access all our documents.  As a charity, the iHV relies on its member income to produce such documents.