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Many health visitors will be interested in taking up further study to prepare themselves to undertake research activity.

There are many opportunities to learn more about becoming a researcher, some are listed below and others will be added over a period of time.

The important starting point is to be clear about what level of training you are looking for and have some idea about the field of research or research question that you want to investigate.

Most people start by taking a Masters degree and move on to PhD before being able to undertake independent research, you will need to consider:

  • What is my research interest?
  • Where will research training take me in my career?
  • Who can support/supervise me? Do their interests match mine?
  • Where in the country can I access the supervision?
  • Do I want part time or full time research training?
  • What schemes are available to help me?
  • What will it cost me? (You might need to think about the costs to your time, workplace, family life etc. as well as financial cost)
  • Where can I find research mentorship?
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