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These iHV podcasts focus on matters that will be of interest to health visitors and those working in public health for babies, children and families.

iHV SCPHN Student HV Award winners 2023 - 3/11/2023

iHV SCPHN Student Health Visitor Award winners 2023 speak with Amanda Holland, iHV Professional Services Lead, on their incredible new ideas for service provision.

Leonie Grundy

Leonie Grundy shares how she led activities to film a series of evidence-based safe sleep demonstrations for use on social media, within antenatal classes, and safe sleep training.

Claire Black

Claire Black discusses how she worked collaboratively with other professionals to meet the nutritional needs and food preferences of Afghan families.
Please note – in this podcast, the term ‘weaning’ is used and refers to complementary feeding. These terms continue to be used interchangeably, however, we recognise ‘complementary feeding’ as the preferred term in accordance with WHO.


Robin Williams

Robin Williams talks about how she identified a gap in the involvement of fathers in home visits by health visitors and her initiative to engage and include fathers.

Ride For Their Lives 14/6/23

Victoria Jackson, Senior Programme Manager – Projects and Evaluation at iHV, talks to Dr Heather Lamber and Dr Mark Hayden, who have taken action to clean up our air. They are part of Ride For Their Lives, an international collaboration of healthcare providers promoting clean air. The campaign started in 2021, when a group of paediatric patients wrote urgent messages about air pollution on ‘the blue bag’ that healthcare professionals took on bikes from London to Glasgow, to present to world leaders at COP26.

The premise of Ride For Their Lives is to cycle to different locations within the UK and the rest of the world, raising awareness of the impact of poor air quality, as well as energising and inspiring action on air pollution and the wider climate and nature crisis. The campaign is led by healthcare professionals and engages other healthcare professionals to use their platform to advocate for our patients, the planet and ourselves. The campaign aims to raise awareness and petition governments and policymakers to make changes that will improve health for all, especially children and babies whom this will affect the most.

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Dr Sanjay Patel on recognition of illness in babies and young children with black or brown skin with a focus on Strep A and Scarlet Fever 14/4/23

Vicky Gilroy, iHV’s Head of Projects and Evaluation, talks to Consultant Paediatrician Sanjay Patel who has been instrumental in developing the Healthier Together Website and resources to support professionals and families access clear information on common illnesses, including advice on what serious ‘red-flag’ signs to look out for, where to seek help if required, what you should do to keep comfortable and how long symptoms are likely to last.

We are aware from both parents and practitioners that recognition of illness in babies with black and brown skin can be hard. This podcast explores with Sanjay his top tips and guidance from many years of clinical practice, to support your practice alongside raising the importance of listening to parents’/carers and taking their concerns seriously.

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The resources highlighted in the podcast can be accessed here:

Dilys Daws on her observations of 'Standing next to the weighing scales' - 5/4/23

Alison Morton, iHV’s CEO, talks to Dilys Daws on her observations of ‘Standing next to the weighing scales’.

Dilys is one of the most important child psychotherapists of her generation and has had an impressive career that spans more than half a century. Since 1976, she has been transforming the lives of parents and their babies, working in primary care with health visitors and also at the Tavistock Clinic in London.

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Greg Fell on The ‘Nanny state’ - 16/12/22

Alison Morton, iHV’s Executive Director, talks to Greg Fell, Director of Public Health in Sheffield, on health inequalities and the role of the state – in particular, the concept of the nanny state.

What is our role as public health practitioners? Are we interfering where it is not needed? Should we just stand down, and let people get on with their lives?

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