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Shared goals: The iHV will seek partners whose goals, values and actions align with its own to promote and/or enable good health. Specifically, it will not be associated with any organisations whose activities are harmful to health – for example, partnerships with organisations linked to tobacco, alcohol, gambling, and breastmilk substitutes are prohibited (for full exclusions see iHV ethical principles). Each partner will be judged on a case-by-case basis.

Transparency about our partnerships: The iHV aims to be transparent in its relationships with other organisations. Collaborations may include sponsorship agreements, joint ventures, commissions, consultancy, partnership working, and exhibitor stands at iHV events. All income-generating activities are conducted in direct pursuit of the iHV’s mission statement and values – applications are rigorously screened to ensure they align with our business plan and objectives, and do not pose any conflict of interest. The iHV is very careful, when working with other organisations, that its independent status is not compromised in any way. If there is a possibility that this may be placed in jeopardy, we will withdraw from any such initiative.

We wish to develop and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with other health-related organisations without compromising the independence of the iHV. The iHV’s collaborations are intended to generate shared learning, as well as income to support us in the pursuit of our charitable objectives. It is important that both parties respect the expertise and skills that the other brings – over and above any financial benefits. Our model aligns with other leading independent charities and nursing organisations.

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