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  • The iHV will only work with organisations that we have reason to believe work to high ethical standards.
  • The iHV complies with the WHO International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes [“the Code”] and we will only work, or be affiliated, with organisations and companies that comply with the Code.
  • iHV commercial partnerships with the following organisations are prohibited:
    • tobacco companies/ products
    • infant Formula milk/ breast milk substitute companies (this includes all affiliated organisations)
    • fast food, or unhealthy/ ultra-processed (UPF) food and drink companies
    • alcohol companies
    • companies that produce products that promote unsafe sleep practices or pose a child safety risk
    • faith, religion and equivalent systems of belief
    • adult products and services
    • weapons and gun clubs
    • political or lobby groups
    • any categories that relate to a controversial health issue, or product with unfounded health benefit claims.
  • When considering our engagement in multi-stakeholder platforms, we will follow the latest UNICEF guidance ‘Engaging with the food and beverage industry’ (UNICEF, 2023). Engaging with multi-stakeholder platforms (MSPs) may be an opportunity for the iHV to make its voice heard in potentially influential fora to advance children’s rights and take account of other important public health priority areas, for example perinatal mental health. In line with UNICEF programme guidance, the iHV will avoid any direct association – financial or otherwise – with MSPs representing the interests of UPF industries or industries that are in violation of the Code.
  • The iHV will not share any personal data with any third-party organisations or individuals without explicit consent, unless we’re required to do so by law.
  • The iHV will not discriminate in terms of gender, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation, marital and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, age, and disability.
  • The iHV recognises its responsibility to safeguard and protect the welfare of all children, young people, and vulnerable adults, by a commitment to practice which protects them.
  • The iHV will uphold the highest standards of integrity and will listen to and respect the opinions of others. It will be objective in its actions, and honest and transparent in its activities and will operate within the law.
  • The iHV is taking action to cut carbon emissions and improve sustainability – we will look to partner with organisations that have clear sustainability/ Green plans.
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