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This programme is aimed at developing SCPHN leadership capacity and capability within 0-19 services to make a difference to children, families and communities.

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Cost of places:

  • £800 – iHV Member (membership number required for booking)
  • £880 – Non-member

Information for Participants:

Coming soon: Information for Participants Leading Excellence in Practice Training Programme – Spring 2024

 How do I apply?

Please send completed application form to [email protected]


The aim of the programme is to equip participants to lead excellence in practice as Specialist Community Public Health Nurses. This programme is suitable for all SCPHNs in 0-19 health visiting and school nursing services. Each cohort will support the development of up to 18 participants.

This programme has been accredited by CPD Standards Office.


On completion of the programme participants will:

  1. Be equipped to make sense of the complexity of the context of practice with a clear focus on what makes a difference to children, families and communities
  • Understanding the strategic context: place-based commissioning; integration of health and care services.
  • Current policy developments and their evidence base e.g. the Healthy Child Programme.

This outcome supports the “Context of Leadership” element in the iHV Leadership Framework Model.

  1. Be confident of the evidence base for what makes a difference to children, families and communities.
  • A vision for excellence in child and family public health nursing.
  • Evidence of effectiveness: achieving impact and outcomes through working in partnership with families, colleagues and other services, focus on service improvement.

This outcome supports the “Purpose of Leadership” element in the iHV Leadership Framework Model.

  1. Be able to act consciously on their strengths and developmental needs to enable colleagues and clients to fulfil their best potential.
  • Tools to increase awareness of behavioural strengths and developmental needs to enhance their influence.
  • Maintaining resilience with compassion – self-care principles.

This outcome supports the development of “Leadership Behaviours” within the iHV Leadership Framework Model.

iHV Leadership Framework Model.


The programme will be up to 9 months in length to accommodate post-training consolidation of learning. The time commitment anticipated is:

  • 3 days total live online learning – delivered as half days (3 modules)
  • Online supported study between modules (1 hour per week – approx. 8-12 weeks between each module)
  • Mentorship meetings x 6 (total)

Participants will require mentorship through the programme – we have a panel of mentors already in place to support this aspect.

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“I would just like to say that I have really found the programme so helpful. I was aware of many of the aspects but never really had the incentive, focus, permission to delve deeper into the structures, processes and guidance underpinning the principles of leadership.

I have really been able to link this to my practice. It has allowed me to recognise the strengths, experience and skills I have and also areas which I have been able to reflect and improve. So, thank you. I am sure that there are many experienced and skilled practitioners out there who would benefit from the guidance and support to release and shape that potential to become fabulous leaders”

January 2021


“The course has given me the opportunity to own my leadership style, to understand my strengths and areas for improvement. I understand different leadership styles and how to tailor communication to suit the needs of my team and colleagues”

January 2021


“My mentor was very supportive. She made herself available and we had lots interesting and informative discussions. She helped me understand my leadership style and gave lots of constructive feedback”

“The 360-feedback enabled me to identify and understand how my management and leadership style is perceived by others i.e. my managers, my colleagues, Team, member and Other feedback provider. I have learned how to take time out more to reflect and delegate more and not to work overtime and prioritise more”

“The digital workbook was set out in such a way that it flowed with the taught sessions and gave you a greater insight by the use of some videos to demonstrate aspects of leadership”

“The facilitators were encouraging and engaging, and good resources used, a good mixture of taught, video and group work”

January 2021

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