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Leadership Development Programme

(for health visitors, school nurses and other health & social care professionals)

The aim of this programme is to develop knowledge, skills and enhance confidence in demonstrating leadership in health visiting, school nursing and other health and social care practice. 

This programme has been accredited by CPD Standards Office.

Participating in the leadership development programme will enable you to: 

  1. Appraise your leadership skills at a leader, team and organisational level utilising the NHS Leadership Academy Healthcare Leadership Model 
  2. Enhance your personal resilience and awareness of your leadership identity  
  3. Increase your knowledge and skills in leading, e.g. delivery of the Healthy Child Programme 0-19 
  4. Appraise the health policies directing the work of health visitors, school nurses and others
  5. Clarify what is meant by your sphere of influence in relation to leadership 
  6. Prepare evidence to demonstrate business approaches to developing health visiting/school nursing/other services

Programme delivery

The programme is structured for delivery over a six-month period: 

  • Two-day initial training 
  • Two further development half days to develop a Community of Practice (CoP) 
  • Final summative half day Community of Practice meeting to review outcomes 

The initial two-day training event will develop knowledge and skills in leadership in relation to the health visitor/school nurse/professional as a leader and on leadership in a team and organisation setting. It will build on the leadership evidence and incorporate ongoing activities that ensure the programme is not delivered outside of the context that practitioners work in. 

Two further development half days will be utilised to develop a Community of Practice (CoP) in the six months following the taught days. These will be facilitated by the iHV in each organisation and a final summative half day CoP will be held to review outcomes.  

“Mentorship has been hugely helpful”
“Course has been fabulous, inspiring and empowering”
“Developed confidence in my role”
“Made me question and be more assertive”

March 2019

Please contact [email protected] to find out more