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PT – Introducing your baby to solid foods

Your baby needs only breastmilk or formula for the first 6 months of life. If your baby seems hungrier after 4 months, be aware that giving them solids this early won’t help them to sleep better and recommended guidance is to give more milk feeds until your child is developmentally ready for solids (at around 6 months).

GPP – Complementary feeding and baby-led weaning

Babies at about 6-months old are physiologically ready to eat solid foods. It is a myth that babies who wake in the night, chew their fists or look interested in food before the age of about 6 months need solids, they may just need more frequent milk feeds.

GPP - Babies and very young children with eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties

Babies and young children with neurodevelopmental disorders, or children who are diagnosed with a neurodevelopmental disorder when they are older, often experience eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties (EDSD) in the first year of their life.

PT - Supporting the feeding of babies and children (0-18 months) with eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties

Some babies and children have difficulties with eating and drinking because their development is slower than expected. This Parent Tips resource explains the signs that your baby or child may be having difficulties and how your health visitor can help.

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