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Resources for Parenting

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The Parliamentary Inquiry into Parenting and Social Mobility – Enhancing parenting support across the UK – March 2015

In early 2015, the All Party Parliamentary Groups on Parents and Families, and on Social Mobility, came together to conduct a cross-party Parliamentary Inquiry into the key issue of parenting and social mobility, focusing specifically on the potential for enhancing parenting support. This final report is the result of the detailed evidence, and areas for action, gained through wide-ranging written submissions and two oral evidence sessions held at Parliament.

LGA report: Working to support positive parenting and relationships. What can councils do?

While being a parent is one of the most important jobs there is, it can also be one of the most difficult. The hours are long, there is no fail-safe set of instructions provided and parents juggle it with all their other commitments. Whether it’s the pressures of unemployment, poor housing, mental illness or simply the strains of everyday life, parents can end up struggling. These factors and the very challenge of raising children can also cause inter-parental relationshipdifficulties. There is growing recognition that the quality of the relationship between parents has a significant impact on young children, and conflict and anxiety, can make the job of parenting even more difficult.