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Resources for Alcohol

In this section you will find useful resources around reducing harm caused to children and families from alcohol misuse.


GPP - Reducing alcohol harm: Early intervention and prevention (January 2020)

Drinking above low-risk levels can contribute to chronic and acute ill health, alcohol-related accidents and hospital admissions. Health visitors are well-placed to offer early intervention and support to reduce alcohol-related harm, and ideally placed to have meaningful conversations with parents about their level of alcohol use.

GPP - Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (January 2020)

Foetal exposure to alcohol can cause more damage to an unborn baby than any other drug and is one of the most significant known causes of intellectual disability. Health visitors can be influential in changing drinking behaviour and in helping to reduce the incidence of alcohol-exposed pregnancies.

PHE Guidance - Safeguarding children affected by parental alcohol and drug use (December 2018)

A guide for local authorities and substance misuse services to help them work together to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.

This guidance replaces the previous Public Health England (PHE) guide for local authorities on developing protocols between alcohol and drug treatment and children and family social care services. It complements PHE’s parental alcohol and drug use toolkit and supports cross-government policy and programmes on improving outcomes for families and children affected by parental alcohol and drug use.