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iHV, in partnership with Dr Ranjana Das and Dr Paul Hodkinson from the University of Surrey, is delighted to announce the launch of three new ‘Factographics’ interactive resources – designed to better support the mental health of new mothers and fathers.

Mental health problems in the time around having a baby are common and, left untreated, can have significant short- and long-term impact for all members of the family. Identifying problems early and offering the right support and treatment maximises the opportunity for good outcomes for the whole family. The new resources, based on research findings by Dr Das and Dr Hodkinson on new parents’ mental health, were developed in partnership with the iHV, parents and professionals, who worked together to translate the findings into meaningful sustainable resources that can be used by parents and professionals at every local level.

  • The Factographics are available for new parents to access directly and for health professionals to share in their interactions with parents
  • Each Factographic is interactive, combining images, text and video testimonials both from parents who have struggled and health visitors who are trained in this area
  • They focus particularly on the mental health and wellbeing challenges that many new parents experience.

The three new interactive Factographics resources to support perinatal mental health are oriented to groups or areas where we know there are unique unmet needs – namely:

Click on the links above to find out more about each Factographic.

We are also really keen to hear of ideas for any new Factographics that you think are needed to address any gaps you feel there are in family mental health. Please do contact [email protected] with any feedback or suggestions


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