This week, the Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS) has launched a campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of button batteries and other items that are commonly ingested by children.


If swallowed, button batteries (also known as button cell batteries or coin batteries) can burn through the throat or stomach and can cause major damage to other internal organs.


The #NilByMouth campaign will focus on equipping local practitioners and families with knowledge on how to prevent young children from ingesting these batteries, as well as other dangerous items such as magnets and household cleaning products.

Share the video below, and download and share the poster on the link below.

OPSS is keen for groups, businesses, and individuals to support and share the materials on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram by using the hashtag #nilbymouth.

Today, the BBC issues a stark warning about the dangers of button batteries. Please help to alert as many parents as possible to the dangers and stop more tragedies.

If a button battery, particularly a lithium coin battery, gets stuck in a child’s throat or gullet, the battery’s energy makes the body create caustic soda (the chemical used to unblock drains).

This can burn a hole through the throat and lead to serious internal bleeding and death.

Button batteries are found in many products that can appeal to young children, including remote controls, nightlights and novelty cards.