Natalie Mosson-Kelly
Professional Development Officer, Perinatal & Infant Mental Health

MA (Hons), MSc, Registered Midwife

Responsible for:

  • Supporting the production, delivery and quality assurance of iHV mental health training programmes
  • Supporting the national and international work of the iHV Mental Health Department
  • Supporting the iHV Mental Health Department to develop iHV Perinatal & Infant Mental Health strategy, projects and practice development
  • Support engagement and co-production with parents and professionals in relation to mental health projects

Contact Natalie – [email protected]

In 2023, the iHV awarded Honorary Fellow awards to individuals who have served the iHV generously through their tenures on our Board as iHV trustees. At the iHV, we want to thank all our Trustees for the time, commitment and effort they bring to our organisation.

Jane Williams was awarded the Honorary Fellow award this year. Jane is regarded by many as one of the ‘giants’ of health visiting. She joined the Institute’s Board after running one of the most successful health visiting services in England – and generously shared her wealth of rich experience from her long career. Jane was a Trustee for nearly eight years and her tenure ended during the pandemic in 2021 – which meant we couldn’t celebrate all of Jane’s contributions in person as we had hoped. Some of Jane’s particular contributions were in helping the Board to understand how the Institute’s work could successfully dovetail with the needs of local health visiting managers, as well as with practice.

In 2023, the iHV awarded two Honorary Fellow awards to individuals who have served the iHV generously through their tenures on our Board as iHV trustees. At the iHV, we want to thank all our Trustees for the time, commitment and effort they bring to our organisation.

The first of these awards was conferred to Pamela Goldberg OBE who was the Chair of the iHV Board for 7 years, until her tenure came to an end in July this year. Prior to joining the iHV, Pamela had a distinguished career in both the commercial and voluntary sector, latterly as CEO of Breast Cancer Campaign. This wealth of experience was so valuable to our organisation which was only a few years old when Pamela joined as its Chair. During Pamela’s two terms at the helm of the iHV, the organisation has grown considerably into the successful organisation that it is today. Pamela has also overseen considerable change, with a new CEO and ways of working during the pandemic.

Professor Jane Barlow’s Honorary Fellowship is awarded in recognition of her ongoing support for our work over many years. Jane is a staunch and vocal advocate for early intervention – and a champion of health visiting – and has worked tirelessly with us at the iHV on numerous shared projects, including our current research partnership with The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood. We are particularly grateful for Jane’s ongoing contributions to our work in perinatal and infant mental health and her weight of support for our call for more Specialist health visitors in this field. Unfortunately, Jane was not able to join us during the evening to collect her Honorary Fellowship due to travel disruptions.

Professor Mitch Blair is Professor of Paediatrics and Child Public Health (Emeritus) at Imperial College London.

He has 41 years NHS practice in General and Community Paediatrics as a Consultant Paediatrician and recently retired in July 2023. Mitch is well-known to most health visitors as a co-author of “Health for All Children: 5th Edition” and proponent of robust implementation of the Healthy Child Programme for the benefit of all children.

Mitch is an honorary Fellow of the Institute of Health Visiting. Awarded in December 2019 in recognition of his early and continued support to both the Institute and the health visiting profession.

Stephanie qualified as a nurse in 2014 and started her career working for The Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Here she worked for 9 years in neurosurgery before having her children. Stephanie is a mother to three under 5 years of age, two of whom have spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). Following her son’s diagnosis of SMA, Stephanie developed a personal and professional interest in neuromuscular diseases and has since gone on to become a Nurse Specialist in Genetic Neuromuscular Diseases at The John Walton Muscular Dystrophy Research Centre.

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Leonie won first place in our 2023 iHV SCPHN Student Health Visitor Award. Leonie will share her initiative and be presented with her award. Leonie is extremely passionate about safer sleep and believes that if her project can change one family’s decision on a safe sleep space, this will reduce the risks of sudden infant death. Leonie submitted her abstract to the iHV with the hope that more people would hear the message that safe sleep saves lives.