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elfh | Respiratory Surge in Children

This course has been developed by elearning for healthcare (elfh). The Respiratory Surge in Children resources are aimed at healthcare staff working in the various settings where a child will present with respiratory illness.

The resources have been divided across 7 domain folders and, in most instances, have been further categorised according to the care level that they relate to – the first is Primary and community care out of hospital, and the second is ward-based/Level 1 care: Basic critical care.

To support different learner needs, the resources are available in a variety of formats including written, video, and audio. They also vary in length from a few minutes to 2 hours, depending on how much time you have or how much detail you would like to go into.

To access the e-learning resources please click the link below.

elfh | The Enhanced Paediatric Nursing Skills for Surge (EPNS4Surge) Course

EPNS4Surge is an integrated learning programme consisting of e-learning modules, clinical teaching videos, and condition-specific supplementary documents. It has been specifically designed to equip nursing staff with knowledge, skills and practical confidence to deliver enhanced care for children and young people with common respiratory problems and facilitate escalation or de-escalation of care, including early discharge. The focus is on acute paediatric nursing as well as hospital-at-home community care, with some transferrable learning for health visitors to increase confidence and understanding of the care needed and family/child experiences on initial presentation of ill children as well as on discharge/handover when children are better.

Although EPNS4Surge is not specific for health visiting the course provides good insight and understanding of hospital care and discharge to support strength-based conversations with families.

Click here to watch the short 3-and-a-half-minute introductory YouTube film about the course

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