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What will the iHV do?

The iHV will support the development of high quality and consistent health visiting practice for the benefit of all children, families and communities.

How can I interface with the iHV?

It helps us if people interface with us electronically via our website: or email using our contact form here. As we become more financially secure we will establish a physical base and secretariat.

Who set up the iHV?

The iHV was established by four senior health visitors, academics and policy experts:  Dr Cheryll Adams, Professor Sarah Cowley, Professor Sally Kendall and Professor Rosamund Bryar.

Why set up the iHV now?

Current policy interest in the health visiting workforce and the part that health visitors can play in improving the public health outcomes of families and children has provided an important opportunity to invest in the health visiting service. The iHV can support this by providing a Centre of Excellence for health visiting practice, through which the collective strength of the revitalized health visiting workforce can be channelled into ensuring we safeguard the future of health visiting.

How will it raise professional standards?

By promoting and supporting a strong evidence base for health visiting and offering CPD and professional training. In time the iHV will also offer a pathway through which health visitors can develop their personal practice and academic profiles. As a Centre of Excellence for health visiting practice, the iHV will have a unique focus on the academic as well as the professional development of health visitors.

Why is this organisation needed?

All professions need their own professional body and the iHV is the only UK wide organisation that is specifically concerned with health visiting. Its core purpose is to raise professional standards in health visiting practice.

Is the iHV affiliated to the Journal of Health Visiting?

The iHV is not affiliated to any commercial journals.  Members of the iHV do sit on the editorial boards of commercial and other journals in their own right. Commercial journals make their commercial decisions completely separately to the editorial advice given by professionals who are members of editorial boards. These professionals seek only to ensure that high quality editorial content reaches the reader and professional practice benefits as a result.

I am having difficulty getting onto the website?

We hope you are enjoying our new website. If you are having difficulty in accessing pages check the following: Are you logged in? If not sign in or join us. Your browser may need updating to the latest version such as Internet Explorer 11. If you spot broken links to documents do copy the page address and email it to us to repair.

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