With the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife being extended into 2021, we have another opportunity to celebrate the important work of health visitors.

Just in case you missed them, there’s a fab series of videos which showcase some of the great work that health visitors do – thanks to the Local Government Association (LGA) who recently published them alongside support from iHV and SAPHNA.

These videos highlight HV teams which have come up with new ways of supporting families during the pandemic. These case studies highlight some of the vital role that health visiting and school nurse services play in identifying problems early and giving children the best start in life.

Videos include:





On 21 July 2016, the Maternity Transformation Programme was officially launched.

More than 200 people, each with a passion and drive to improve maternity services gathered to understand how the programme will achieve the vision set out in Better Births, the report of the National Maternity Review.

The following videos include key messages from the opening speeches.

Opening speeches from the Maternity Transformation Programme launch event

Introduction to the Maternity Transformation Programme
Sarah-Jane Marsh, Chair, Maternity Transformation Programme

Vision of Better Births
Baroness Julia Cumberlege and Sir Cyril Chantler

Importance of working together
Dr David Richmond and Professor Cathy Warwick


An introduction to each Maternity Transformation Programme workstream

Nationally, there are nine workstreams on a range of measures designed to facilitate local change. This is to ensure that the vision of Better Births can be achieved. The following videos provide a short introduction to each workstream and what they seek to achieve

Local transformation
Lauren Hughes, NHS England

Promoting good practice for safer care and Transforming the workforce
Flora Goldhill, Department of Health and Bill Irish, Health Education England

Improving access to perinatal mental health services
Simon Medcalf, NHS England

Increasing choice and personalisation
James Sanderson, NHS England

Sharing data and information and Harnessing technology
Dr Matthew Jolly, NHS England and Alex Elias, NHS Digital

Two further videos will also be posted shortly, providing key messages for the Improving prevention workstream and further detail on our Local transformation workstream.