The iHV is delighted to support the BookTrust’s #BathBookBed campaign to help parents create a regular nightly routine to get their little ones to sleep at night.

Bath, Book, Bed is a national campaign from BookTrust to encourage parents to make stories part of every child’s bedtime routine – with parenting expert Jo Frost and the much-loved Daddy Pig as the ambassadors for Bath, Book, Bed.

 The campaign is endorsed by the iHV:

By making reading part of a bedtime routine, your child will relax, learn new language and this bonding time between you will always be looked forward to. Books are essential to development and screen time will never be a substitute.

All parents/carers worry about getting young children to sleep at night – and, of course, getting enough sleep themselves. But it doesn’t have to be a bedtime battle. Reading a book before bed as part of a regular nightly routine is the perfect way to get your little one ready to visit the land of nod. Bath, Book, Bed is all you need to remember.

Parents/carers can download their copy of the new Bath, Book, Bed booklet

The BookTrust website also features a Best Bedtime Books list and has lots more ideas, guidance and practical tips on ensuring stories are part of every child’s bedtime routine.


Next week is health visitor week.  The intention is to make health visiting as conspicuous as possible and we need your help.

Do take a few moments over the weekend/ on Monday with colleagues to think about how you could respond to this request.  If you have a selfie stick it might come in useful too!!

#ProudtobeaHV – Celebrate #HVWeek with your photos and stories

In support of #HVweek, we are encouraging all health visitors to share their photos, short videos, stories on Social Media (eg. Twitter and Facebook) about what makes them #ProudtobeaHV  – and using this hashtag to share it.

How are you making a difference to children’s lives?

Share what you do as an HV.

What makes you get out of bed every morning to do your HV work?

Take a photo of a colleague, take a short video of colleagues doing their work, post onto social media using the hashtag #ProudtobeaHV – and we will retweet/share/like your posts.

Let’s see how many fantastic stories, photos, videos and posts we can share next week.

So get ready to be #ProudtobeaHV – we think you’re all fantastic and doing a great job – so let’s make sure that everyone else knows too!

Join us in #HVweek and be #ProudtobeaHV

You might also like to ask some of your clients if they would like to put out a photo  with the slightly different hashtag #ProudofmyHV

Heres to a great week!!  Let’s make sure everyone knows about health visitors and health visiting – and join us on social media to share!