Next week is health visitor week.  The intention is to make health visiting as conspicuous as possible and we need your help.

Do take a few moments over the weekend/ on Monday with colleagues to think about how you could respond to this request.  If you have a selfie stick it might come in useful too!!

#ProudtobeaHV – Celebrate #HVWeek with your photos and stories

In support of #HVweek, we are encouraging all health visitors to share their photos, short videos, stories on Social Media (eg. Twitter and Facebook) about what makes them #ProudtobeaHV  – and using this hashtag to share it.

How are you making a difference to children’s lives?

Share what you do as an HV.

What makes you get out of bed every morning to do your HV work?

Take a photo of a colleague, take a short video of colleagues doing their work, post onto social media using the hashtag #ProudtobeaHV – and we will retweet/share/like your posts.

Let’s see how many fantastic stories, photos, videos and posts we can share next week.

So get ready to be #ProudtobeaHV – we think you’re all fantastic and doing a great job – so let’s make sure that everyone else knows too!

Join us in #HVweek and be #ProudtobeaHV

You might also like to ask some of your clients if they would like to put out a photo  with the slightly different hashtag #ProudofmyHV

Heres to a great week!!  Let’s make sure everyone knows about health visitors and health visiting – and join us on social media to share!