Two new e-publications on preconception health, education and care in Scotland.  These e-publications are intended to raise awareness about preconception health, education and care, particularly within the Scottish context. This, it is hoped, will lead to many positive actions (large and small; national, local and individual) that prospective mothers and fathers across Scotland find informative, valuable, empowering and supportive as they make their decisions about parenthood. While individual choices are crucial, it also is the case that larger societal forces, political choices and structural issues can powerfully shape what is true for individuals and couples.

The main report “Missed Periods: Scotland’s opportunities for better pregnancies, healthier parents and thriving babies the first time . . . and every time” is a 45-page evidence-based report (including links to extensive references and international resources).

A brief version of this report “Prepared for Pregnancy?: Preconception health, education and care in Scotland” is an introduction and overview of the above more detailed report.  This also includes the advance reviews by a leading public health professor in Scotland and the senior advisor on preconception health to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Scotland’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr Catherine Calderwood (herself an obstetrician) also reviewed this report in advance and has been publicly supportive of it.

These two e-publications were commissioned by NHS GG&C’s Public Health Director, Dr Linda de Caestecker.