The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) has launched their public consultation for specialist community public health nursing (SCPHN) standards – building on ambitions for community and public health nursing.

The new NMC standards offer the opportunity to build on the advances in the evidence base for universal child and family health visiting for the pressing public health challenges of our times. It is vitally important that the views of health visitors are heard and shape these new standards.

We will be responding from the iHV – as well as submitting your own response, look out for our mailings on ways that you can help shape the iHV’s response.


The standards, for specialist community public health nursing (SCPHN) and specialist practice qualifications (SPQs), will equip the next generation of community and public health nurses working in health and social care with the right proficiencies to care for people in a rapidly changing world.

These essential education standards were last updated over 15 years ago. But we need fit for purpose standards that reflect the realities of modern nursing in health and social care now

These draft standards, which have been co-produced with subject experts, will provide the right proficiencies these professionals need to support and care for people in a rapidly changing world.

The consultation will run until Monday 2 August 2021. Normally these NMC consultations run for 12 weeks but they’ve extended this one to more than 16 weeks to give you and your colleagues more time to take part given the continued pressures on services caused by the pandemic.

iHV Executive Director, Dr Cheryll Adams CBE, met Margaret Kenyatta, First Lady of Kenya, at the launch of the 5th International Global Network of Public Health Nursing (GNPHN) conference in Nairobi, taking place 14-16 May 2019.

Lady Kenyatta is a GNPHN council member.

Margaret Kenyatta, First Lady of Kenya, with the GNPHN Council at GNPHN conference 2019


Margaret Kenyatta, First Lady of Kenya, at GNPHN conference 2019

Proceedings are well under way at the GNPHN conference in Nairobi! Please see below just a few videos from the first day!

The arrival of First Lady Margaret Kenyatta to the conference venue, the Safari Park Hotel, Nairobi.

First Lady Margaret Kenyatta launches the conference by unveiling the quilt…

First Lady Margaret Kenyatta addresses the conference…

‘The Institute of Health Visiting supports the petition to keep the voice of nursing in the Department of Health.

Nursing is the largest professional health group, so to lose its voice in the Department of Health can only be counter-productive to progress in health visiting, nursing and midwifery, and in turn to the health of the population.

As an organisation we have been able to achieve so much good due the support of those in the DH nursing directorate, we hence really fear the consequences of losing the direct nursing voice in policy.

Please support this petition for a parliamentary debate to reconsider this decision.’

Dr Cheryll Adams CBE –  Please sign and share on behalf of your profession and those you serve.