We are delighted to share updated Parent Tips for fathers to mark International Father’s Mental Health Day (22 June):



Fathers are important and good mental health is important for fathers, their partners, and their children. Close involvement of fathers from birth supports positive family/couple relationships and fathers have an important role to play in child development. Men go through many complex changes when they become a father which can make the perinatal period (from conception to one year after the birth of a baby) a particularly vulnerable time in a man’s life.


The period from conception to the age of 2 is an important time for child development and experiences during this time can influence the rest of a child’s life. Relationships between dads and their children matter from day 1.






These Parent Tips join our suite of resources for parents to find expert advice on key areas of looking after your new baby from when they are born to when they go to school. Written by experts in the field, they cover topics such as feeding, health, behaviour and development, and are based on up-to-date research and the experience and knowledge of real-life health visitors working across the UK.