The New NHS Alliance (NNHSA) has set out their vision and road map for Health Creation in a ground-breaking Manifesto, which sets out 10 high impact recommendations to create a wellness-based health system, aimed at tackling the continuing problem and social injustice of health inequalities.

The Manifesto explains what Health Creation is, contains many stories of health creation and explains how practices can change to become health creating. It calls for

  • The adoption of health creating practices
  • System reforms to support health creation
  • Enhanced education on health creation

It contains the 3 Cs of health creation- Control, Contact, Confidence – (which complement the nurses’ 6 Cs), 5 health creating practices and 10 High Impact Recommendations for a health creating health system.

The Alliance has established a social movement for health creation, called Active Alliance and they are extremely happy to work alongside other organisations working on wellness.

Heather Henry, Chair of the New NHS Alliance, is very willing to speak at events, write and discuss at relevant meetings.

Please tweet about this using the hashtag #HealthCreation