iHV is delighted to join over 140 organisations in a call to all political parties to put children and young people at the heart of this General Election.

Our open letter calls on all political leaders to set out their solutions to the pressing issues facing children and young people, including child poverty, mental health, domestic abuse and serious youth violence.

You can show your support on social media using the hashtag #ChildrenAtTheHeart

Children and young people are joining our call and raising their voices on social media, using the hashtag #IfIWerePM to share their priorities for the next Government.

United for better early years

Today, iHV is also a partner in a second letter calling for Party Leaders to take meaningful action to improve perinatal and early years support. These first 1,001 days are so critical to a child’s development – a better childhood starts right here.


The Institute welcomes the pledge made in the Labour Party Manifesto to increase the number of health visitors and school nurses by 4800 and hopes that the other parties’ manifestos will contain similar commitments.

Children in the UK have some of the worst outcomes when compared to the rest of Europe and similar countries across the world.  Its time for all political parties to take this seriously.  The Institute has published “Health Visiting in England: A Vision for the future” which sets out how a robust health visiting service can provide an important part of the solution for children and also help the delivery of many of the usual government targets.