We are delighted to share the following updated Parent Tips and Good Practice Points resources:

Parent Tip – Looking after your children’s teeth

Dental decay is the most common oral disease affecting children and young people in the UK, yet it is largely preventable. This parent tip provides a summary of the simple steps that you and your family can take every day to protect and improve your child’s dental health.


Good Practice Point – An introduction to food allergies

Health visitors are likely to see many different manifestations of allergy such as eczema, asthma, hay fever and gastrointestinal disturbances, and should be aware of these conditions to question whether allergy could be a cause of the symptoms.

These Good Practice Points, authored by Sue Clarke BSc (Hons) RGN, DN, SPPH, RHV, FiHV, Lecturer in Allergy, Retired HV, and Jackie Gaventa BA (Hons) RGN, SCPHN, Health Visitor, Practice Teacher, FiHV, set out what health visitors need to know about food allergies and when the symptoms can be managed in primary care or when referral to a specialist is needed.

Please note that this GPP is available to iHV members only.