Short weekly update from the CEO of Public Health England (PHE), including:

  • Liver disease and the 2nd Atlas of Variation in Risk Factors and Healthcare for Liver Disease, which is a rich data source showing a wide variation of premature mortality rates across England.
  • keeping active is an important part of staying healthy. This week Sport England announced pilots in 12 geographies to identify better ways to address inequalities and break down barriers that stop people getting active.
  • International work including PHE’s National Infection Service being contracted to support the Government of Angola to improve their epidemiological surveillance and capacity.
  • the latest edition of PHE’s professional resource Health Matters, this time focusing on productive healthy ageing and musculoskeletal health.
  • Submission of PHE’s evidence to the Commons Select Committee on Science and Technology on e-cigarettes. This covers their safety, effectiveness as a stop smoking tool, patterns of use among adults and young people, and the regulations guiding their safety, promotion and accessibility.