Working with our partners

We are sharing a survey from one of our partners – The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

The goal of the Contraception Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) is to create – by democratic consultation- a ‘Top 10’ priority list of research uncertainties for contraceptive care, put together by patients, their partners and health professionals.

The Contraception PSP hopes this ‘Top 10’ will help guide researchers in answering questions that are equally important to all people affected by contraceptive care. It is an invaluable opportunity to work collaboratively with patients and professionals to identify pertinent research priorities which otherwise might have been overlooked by researchers themselves or the pharmaceutical industry.

  • The aim of the survey is to generate questions for future contraception research.
  • The survey is open to health professionals (from all fields and clinical settings) and members of the public (both male and female, whether they have used, are using or are thinking about using contraception).
  • They are interested in all questions people may have about: contraceptive methods (how they work, side effects, conflicts with other medical condition or drugs, the decision making process when choosing to stop or start contraception) and services that provide contraception.
  • The unique selling point of the priority setting partnership is that it is a collaboration between health professionals and patients/the public. Therefore they emphasise the importance of the response of clinicians as well as service users.

They would really appreciate some input from health visitors!

For more information please contact Hayley Atkin, Project Co-ordinator at [email protected] or visit the Contraception PSP website.