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We were delighted to host Vanessa Martin and Clare Barklam from the Childhood Tumour Trust as exhibitors at our recent evidence-based practice conference “Promoting the Best Start in Life”.

The Trust is championing the inclusion of a Body Map in the national Personal Child Health Record (also known as the PCHR or ‘red book’) –  and we are delighted to make it available via our website in the interim.

Professor Dame Sarah Cowley commented:

“The idea of including a blank ‘body map’ page in the Red Book seems an eminently sensible suggestion. It would be invaluable for noting the number of Café-au-Lait spots, which are markers for possible Neurofibromatosis, and also for Mongolian blue spot or safeguarding purposes. Inclusion of such a page would provide a reminder to professionals to check for any marks, as well as ensuring a useful record where they are present. Professionals need to know about the implications of any marks they find, which may mean updating or additional training for some of them.”

If you have an infant/child with any birthmarks or specifically ‘café-au-lait’ spots, please download the Body Map and include it in their book to assist with referral and early identification of possible Neurofibromatosis.

Learn more about the condition, Neurofibromatosis, at:  and look out for a Voices blog and a Good Practice Point coming soon.

Thank you to Vanessa and team!