In November 2015, Bednest modified its design to eliminate the half-fold side due to a risk of rapid death or injury.

Bednest is asking Health Visitors to keep an eye open for any old product that still has a half fold – most have been modified with a simple self-fit kit, but not everyone has been reached.

Bednest with half-folding side - requires modification

Bednest with half-folding side – requires modification

Any old Bednests with a side that folds down in half – see illustration – should not be used as it poses a risk of a baby getting its neck over the half side resulting in rapid death or injury. A simple 2 minute fit modification kit (free) eliminates the risk – full details are on – and if the consumer doesn’t feel able to fit this then Bednest will collect, fit and return the Bednest.

The large majority of Bednests in the market have had this important safety modification, but Bednest is urging everyone to keep an eye out so that they can get to every old Bednest.

Please note: Bednests with sides that do not fold in half are not affected. All rented Bednests, those supplied after November 2015 and all new orders have been modified.

It’s very important that Health Visitors limit their attention only to Bednests that still have a side that half-folds – as per the picture