The ASQ:SE-2™ e-learning tool developed by Health Education England, the Department of Health, e-Learning for Healthcare  and the University of Hertfordshire is now available.

The ASQ:SE-2™ is designed to assess the social and emotional development of children whereas the ASQ-3™ is focused on physical, communications and cognitive development.

The e-learning tool will help prepare health professionals for the introduction of ASQ:SE-2™ as part of two year reviews from October 2016.

It is designed for any health professional (e.g. health visitor, community nursery nurse, community staff nurse) who is likely to be using the ASQ:SE-2™ as part of the 2 year review.

For further information on ASQ:SE-2™, please contact DH at [email protected]

The Department of Health is implementing a new outcome measure of child health at age 2-2½ years, the data for which will be published in the Public Health Outcomes Framework from 2017.

The measure will help monitor child development across England so that we can observe changes in population health from year to year, and potentially also use the data to track children’s outcomes as they grow up. The data will also help to assess the effectiveness and impact of services for 0-2 year olds and support future planning.

Health Visiting providers have been asked to submit data on ASQ-3 scores from October 2015. Department of Health are asking that ASQ:SE data is collected alongside ASQ-3 scores from 1 October 2016.