Action on Sugar is today urging food manufacturers to get behind Public Health England’s voluntary reformulation programme in helping tackle the biggest public health crisis facing Britain today and save the NHS from bankruptcy.

Following the curtailed childhood obesity plan announced in August 2016, Action on Sugar has found that some companies put far less sugar in their best-selling products compared to others. For full details see attached survey document.

This means that the government’s reformulation target of a 20% reduction in sugar can be easily achieved well before 2020.  Action on Sugar is now calling on ALL food manufacturers to follow by example, and lead the world.

Action on Sugar’s letter to David Cameron telling  him that Sugar tax MUST be put back on the table was signed by 10 members of the Obesity Health Alliance (including Dr Cheryll Adams from the iHV) members.

The letter was published in the Independent, Guardian and Daily Mail on 22 January.