The ASQ:SE-2™ e-learning tool developed by Health Education England, the Department of Health, e-Learning for Healthcare  and the University of Hertfordshire is now available.

The ASQ:SE-2™ is designed to assess the social and emotional development of children whereas the ASQ-3™ is focused on physical, communications and cognitive development.

The e-learning tool will help prepare health professionals for the introduction of ASQ:SE-2™ as part of two year reviews from October 2016.

It is designed for any health professional (e.g. health visitor, community nursery nurse, community staff nurse) who is likely to be using the ASQ:SE-2™ as part of the 2 year review.

For further information on ASQ:SE-2™, please contact DH at [email protected]

Since March 2015 the Department of Health has asked all Health Visiting teams in England to use ASQ-3 as part of children’s health and development reviews at age 2-2½. Using ASQ-3 helps health visitors to make an overall assessment of a child’s development. It supports identification of developmental delay, leading to effective early intervention and support for children to be ready for learning and school.

Building blocksInitial data about the use of ASQ-3 as part of two year reviews is very encouraging with NHS England figures showing that 79% of two year reviews in Q1 of 2015-16 included an ASQ-3 assessment.

The next step is for health visiting teams to report ASQ-3 scores to the HSCIC children’s data set on a monthly basis. This will enable ASQ-3 scores to be collected and reported at national as well as local level, providing the basis for the population measure of child development at age 2-2½, to be included in the Public Health Outcomes Framework from 2017. The population measure will help local areas to assess the impact of services for 0-2 year olds and inform local commissioning.

For further information, please contact HSIC