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Thanks to BBC Tiny Happy People

14th July 2021

As BBC Tiny Happy People celebrates its first birthday, a lovely Voices Blog by Sarah Heaney, SCPHN Health Visitor at Stockport Family.

Sarah Heaney, SCPHN Health Visitor at Stockport Family

At the beginning of the pandemic, I wrote a short reflection on my feelings following the start of the initial lock down (Titled ‘The smile behind the mask’ – see page 15 in Making History: health visiting during COVID-19). I worried about the families I work with and how the isolation would impact on them. Initially, none of us knew what we were heading into. Would we continue to offer the Universal Healthy Child Programme? Would we offer home visits? What about safeguarding families and the increased strain on mental health and domestic abuse?

Whilst all these thoughts were running through my mind, I began to realise that a new world of virtual support was increasing. Initially I worried about this, feeling that offering a fully face-to-face service would not be as meaningful and supportive to the families we work with. As with everything, the world adapted and Health Visiting and School Nursing services were quick to facilitate virtual support – although we also risk assessed the need to continue to offer home visits to our more vulnerable families.

Prior to the pandemic, I had been fortunate to help with the early stages and development of the BBC Tiny Happy People resources. I had already committed myself in the promotion of this to my families but, with isolation and lockdown, the true impact of this support was paramount. Suddenly I began to realise how, in this new virtual world, BBC Tiny Happy People could enable some of the gap of face-to-face visiting. Not only is the bright and colourful content attractive and meaningful, but the overall feel of the website promotes better mental health and reassurance. BBC Tiny Happy People provides support in every possible area. Whether this is reflecting on everyday chores and involving the children to promote learning, or general advice and ideas on the early stages of weaning.

It’s almost as if BBC Tiny Happy People knew remote support would be needed. The completion and roll out of the website and social media content has been key in supporting the needs of parents and their children. One year on from the initial launch of BBC Tiny Happy People, I feel privileged that I have been a part of their journey. Representing the unique role of the Health Visiting Service was one of the highlights of my career but, added to this, the success of such wonderful content and resource being available to the families we work with.

Thankyou BBC Tiny Happy People for thinking about the young families we work with. Thankyou for offering a bridge to enable families to be supported with the correct evidence-based information. Every Child really does matter and BBC Tiny Happy People has certainly contributed to this.

Happy 1st Birthday to BBC Tiny Happy People!

Forever a Fan,

Sarah Heaney, SCPHN Health Visitor, Stockport Family

BBC Tiny Happy People would love you all to get involved by sharing BBC Tiny Happy People and by joining their Working With Families Facebook Group. The feedback you give them is crucial in helping to make Tiny Happy People the best it can be for you and the families that you work with. If you’ve not already joined, click here and join in the fun.

BBC Tiny Happy People is also on facebook and social media and you can sign up to the newsletter by emailing [email protected]

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