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Ready Steady Mums – helping inactive mums to get active

31st May 2016

We fully support Sport England’s move to focus on helping inactive people in the UK get active.

Our programme Ready Steady Mums (RSM) is a volunteer-led socialising walking group movement operating across the UK. The Institute of Health Visiting took on this programme and is working hard to spread it as we recognise that health visitors are often the first professionals that new mums come in contact with.


With the support of the health visitors we empower mums from all walks of life to create and join in. The groups are free, accessible and get mothers moving, even from a very low starting point. All sorts of mothers volunteer as group leaders, reporting benefits to their self-confidence, motivation, mental and general wellbeing.

We welcome Sport England’s national challenge on helping inactive people get active.

Lots of parents are completely sedentary, and starting physical activity can have huge benefits on both physical and mental health. We know getting moving can even directly impact on preventing postnatal depression and reducing its effects. Active parents also set a good example to kids.

The iHV also welcomes Sport England looking to move beyond the typical sports volunteer and embrace new approaches. When we are realistic about what a busy new mum can commit to and we make it simple and fun, we are finding that we can attract diverse mums to volunteer and lead RSM groups. Every new mum comes with a family and we welcome and embrace their involvement too.

Our ambition is to grow RSM by 100 groups before the end of the year. As a small charity, the Institute of Health Visiting is already disseminating RSM through health visitors on the ground, however we could achieve so much more. We will be delighted to work with, share info with, or take support from Sport England as we do so.

Dr Cheryll Adams, executive director of the iHV

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