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Molly and Niamh promoting health visiting as a career

10th July 2020

A lovely Voices blog and short video by two 12 year-old schoolgirls, Molly Hall and Niamh Jacobs, on health visiting. This was completed as part of a school project on finding out about an NHS job and promoting it in some way.

Thank you Molly and Niamh for sharing this with us!

Molly Hall and Niamh Jacobs

We chose health visiting as an NHS career because Molly’s mum is a health visitor.

We felt it was one of the lesser recognised NHS jobs and we wanted to highlight the good work they do for families and their young children.

There is a lot of focus on doctors and nurses and hospitals but little about health visitors in the community setting. We wanted to show how diverse the NHS is and to not let professions such as health visiting get forgotten.

Health visiting is a career that we may consider when we are older as it sounds really interesting and we would like to work with young children and babies and support their families.

By Molly Hall and Niamh Jacobs

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