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Meet another HVeCOP Champion – Jumoke Oladipupo

14th December 2015

Earlier this year, HVeCOP set up a team of iHV Fellows who are all expert and innovative practitioners in their specialist fields as a presence on HveCOP, and who are linked to the 6 High Impact Topic Areas closest to their specialism.

HVeCOP has great pleasure in introducing you another of our Champions – Jumoke Oladipupo ! Jumoke is the Champion for Transition to Parenthood, Managing Minor Illness and Reducing Accidents and Maternal Mental Health.

Here is Jumoke talking about her role as a HVeCOP Champion

Up until August 2015 I was on secondment at Brunel University as a Lecturer-Practitioner on the SCPHN programme.  I currently work as Team Leader Health Visitor. Prior to that I worked as Practice Teacher and still have involvement in practice development and initiatives in student learning in practice.  My specialist knowledge and interest has always been in the area of practice development and developing others in improving outcomes for families and children.  My believe is that for us to deliver a service that is fit for purpose, staff members have to be well equipped with knowledge and skills that is of a high quality. The morality of professionalism rests upon the motivation to provide a quality service, and the only way to achieve this is to develop confident practitioners to apply the latest up-to-date evidence to their day to day practice.

Poor standards are mostly driven by lack of knowledge and confidence.  To address this in my organisation, I initiated an evidence-based group.  The primary aim of the group is to support practitioners (including skill-mix staff) in improving their knowledge and confidence in the delivery of up-to-date and evidence-based practice in order to improve outcomes for children and families.  A range of topics relating to practice is discussed using the latest research and standards.  One of the topics discussed was the early support at antenatal contact.  Early support and intervention at antenatal contact, as we know, will improve health outcomes and reduce health inequalities for families and children. There is a wealth of evidence to support this; a tool such as the antenatal promotional guide is a comprehensive assessment tool to support early intervention.

Jumoke Oladipupo FiHV

You can find Jumoke on HVeCOP by putting her name into the search box on the home page.

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