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Here for you, in your time of need

20th December 2019

A guest blog by John Orchard, Chief Executive at Cavell Nurses’ Trust giving an update on Cavell Nurses’ Trust  and what they do to support nurses, including health visitors.

John Orchard, Chief Executive, Cavell Nurses’ Trust taking part in their 2019 #10kForNurses Snowdon Challenge

It can be so difficult to ask a stranger for help but the team at Cavell Nurses’ Trust and I are always moved by the courage of nursing professionals who contact the charity for support. We often hear from people we have helped how they agonised about picking up the phone or clicking ‘send’ on the email, but once we’ve been able to get them back on their feet, they wish they’d got in touch sooner.

As well as health visitors, Cavell Nurses’ Trust supports nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants when they face a personal or financial crisis in their lives. We help those working and retired and this is often due to illness, disability, older age or domestic abuse.

2019 has been a busy year with an ever increasing workload for our Welfare team but we are very proud that we are helping more and more nursing professionals each year.

One of those was Tracey who, after suffering increasing amounts of back pain, had to give up her career due to ill-health after just 15 years as a nurse. Tracey was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and hypermobility syndrome. Her joints were over-extending and causing excess wear and tear which was the cause of Tracey’s constant pain.

“I mourned the loss of my career when I was retired” remembers Tracey “but it was a relief too not to be putting myself through so much pain every day.”

Tracey became wheelchair-bound but her bulky electric chair restricted where she could go and what vehicles she could travel in. She applied to Cavell Nurses’ Trust for funding to buy a lightweight, foldable electric chair that fits into the family car. The chair has transformed Tracey’s life.

“To know that there is a charity supporting nursing professionals is such a relief.” says Tracey “We’ve tried social services, and other organisations and sometimes you think there is nowhere to turn. So it makes a huge difference to know that Cavell Nurses’ Trust is there.”

Cavell Nurses’ Trust can not only help with life-changing equipment, we also provide simple, essential support like money to repair a broken cooker or boiler, through to vital aid like helping a family flee their home due to domestic abuse. We also offer a listening ear and can very often signpost people to other helpful organisations.

If you are facing a personal or financial crisis, or know a nursing colleague who is, please get in touch with Cavell Nurses’ Trust for a chat.

You can call us on 01527 595 999 or email [email protected]

You can find out more about us at

John Orchard, Chief Executive, Cavell Nurses’ Trust

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