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Building Healthy and Happy Families with Ready Steady Mums

7th November 2014

Ready steady mums logoIt goes without saying that mothers are no strangers to self-sacrifice.  Demands of the children, household management and commitments outside the home can often leave little time for mothers to care for themselves. This can be especially true during early motherhood when the needs of a new baby can test the limits of any mums’ mental and physical capabilities.  However, it is in this challenging time that self-care becomes one of the most important things a mum can do to for herself and her family.  At Ready Steady Mums we strive to help mothers to invest in their personal health in a way that is compatible with the demands of early motherhood. After all, a healthy and happy family often begins with a healthy and happy mum.

Ready Steady Mums Socialcise group

Ready Steady Mums Socialcise group

We approach exercise in a fun and accessible way that takes into account new mums’ need for a social, flexible and child-friendly fitness routine.  Our unique “Socialcise” sessions, for example, are free community-based groups designed to encourage mums to be social in a fit and healthy way. Currently, we have about 15 Socialcise groups running across the UK, all working to help mums to improve their health and wellbeing in a supportive and social environment.  Sessions are designed to be fun, engaging and flexible to allow mums plenty of time chat about the newest baby trends, their sleepless nights, etc.

It is through partnerships with organisations like iHV, that share our mission to support the wellbeing of families, that we continue to grow this free offering.  We are pleased to have iHV as a partner and look forward to working together to encourage healthy families and communities through “Socialcising” and beyond.

“Ready Steady Mums is a natural partner for iHV,” said Cheryll Adams.  “We enthusiastically support their efforts to improve the health status of new mothers through their fitness, research and outreach efforts.  I look forward to supporting each other in our combined goal to enhance positive outcomes for families everywhere.”

We are confident that with the help of healthcare providers like iHV, we can care for our new mums in a way that stresses the importance of mothers caring for their babies as well as themselves.  This simple change in our approach to postnatal care will create healthier, happier mothers and, in turn, healthier, happier families.

We are happy to provide materials and support for healthcare providers interested in sharing this information with new mums.

To learn more about “Socialcising” and how you can help encourage new mums to attend or lead sessions:

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