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Who’s the bloke in the room? report

15th June 2018

“Who’s the bloke in the room?” a report published by the Fatherhood Institute and funded by the Nuffield Foundation, details how expectant fathers in Britain are key influences on maternal and infant health and wellbeing, including on pregnant women’s smoking, diet, physical activity and mental health, and on children’s later adjustment.

The Fatherhood Institute’s report, Who’s the bloke in the room? recommends a more family-centred service that enrols expectant fathers in maternity services from ‘booking in’, records and responds to their health needs and behaviours, and which trains maternity staff to engage with them. The Fatherhood Institute calls on the NHS to include expectant and new fathers at all stages and inform them as thoroughly as it currently informs pregnant women and new mothers.

You can access the full Who’s the bloke in the room? report (and others in the series) here


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