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Our Sponsor


We would like to thank our sponsor, the Digital Health Transformation Service – Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust.

As an NHS-based project team, the Digital Health Transformation Service at Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust has been helping health teams make transformative changes since 2012. Their partnership with the Institute of Health Visiting is an opportunity for the health visiting community to share innovative ways of working with their peers across the UK and across different types of services.

The team proudly supports a 2,000-strong community of innovative health professionals from more than 70 NHS Trusts and healthcare organisations to adopt and share high-quality digital tools to benefit service users. To date, 40% of health visiting teams have set up ChatHealth messaging services, with dedicated project management support offered by the team throughout implementation.

Visit for more information about the impacts of their work and the spotlight on health visiting.

The ChatHealth messaging platform and the Health for Under 5s website are award-winning digital tools used by many health visiting teams across the NHS to connect and engage with the families in their localities.

Find out more about the Digital Health Transformation Service

Find out more about ChatHealth

Find out more about the Health for Under 5s website

Guiding Principles of iHV collaborations:

  • Maintenance of independence: The iHV is very careful when working with other organisations that its independent status is not compromised in any way.
  • Shared goals to improve health, reduce inequalities and strengthen the health visiting service for babies, children and families: The iHV will only work with organisations whom we have reason to believe work to high ethical standards and align with our ‘Ethical Principles’.
  • Mutual respect: The iHV’s collaborations are intended to generate shared learning, as well as additional income. It is important that both parties respect the expertise and skills that the other brings – over and above any financial benefits.
  • Integrity and transparency: The iHV aims to be transparent in its relationships with other organisations.  All income-generating activities are conducted in direct pursuit of the iHV’s mission statement and values and do not pose any conflict of interest.

The iHV is indebted to the hundreds of other organisations who support our work by collaborating with us in our policy work, as well as formal collaborations with us on research, projects and training programmes.

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