Health visiting was featured on BBC South West evening news on Friday 22 September!

The BBC Spotlight regional news broadcasted a feature on the difference that health visiting support makes to families with babies and young children, as well as highlighting the national postcode lottery that leaves some without the help that they need.

Woman in black top and blond hair speaking

Georgina Mayes, iHV Policy and Quality Lead, being interviewed on BBC South West

Georgina Mayes, iHV Policy and Quality Lead said:

“Thank you to BBC South West, the families, and Dorset Health Care University NHS Foundation Trust who supported this important news story. This piece showcases a local health visiting service in Dorset and highlights the positive difference that health visitors can make to families.

“The feature also highlights the national shortage of health visitors, resulting from cuts to the Public Health Grant. This is a national problem that is not isolated in any single local authority. The feature makes it clear that the shortage of health visitors is having a direct impact on families – there just aren’t enough health visitors to meet the scale of need.

“Whilst health visitors are supporting thousands and thousands of families every week, despite their best efforts many families across the country are still missing out. Health visitors are literally firefighting in some areas, prioritising the most vulnerable. This matters as it is eroding health visitors’ vital public health role to work with all families to prevent, identify and manage problems before they reach crisis point. At the iHV, we will continue to advocate for change and thank all of our partners for their support in making the case for health visiting.”

We would like to say a heartfelt thank you to Paula and Rich for sharing their personal story about how their health visitor made a difference to them and their baby, Emily. This news story would not have been possible without the tremendous support of Dorset Health Care University NHS Foundation Trust. Thank you to Sarah House (Health Visitor – Dorset Health Care University NHS Foundation Trust) for enabling Paula and Rich to tell their story and for showcasing the fantastic work that health visitors do each, and every day.

Video shared with kind permission from BBC South West.