Do you work with children in care in England?

If so, would you be interested in taking part in the National Children’s Bureau’s (NCB) research looking at measures of wellbeing for children in care?

The NCB is currently undertaking research on what measures, tools or indicators are used to assess the wellbeing of children in care in England. They’re really interested in finding out more about how such information is collected and used by those working with children in care, which might include foster carers, counsellors or residential home managers.

You can tell them your thoughts and experiences of measuring the wellbeing of children in care by taking part in their ten minute survey:

They are also interested in speaking to managers and practitioners in more detail by telephone. If you would like to volunteer for a short telephone interview, then please contact Rebekah Ryder, Senior Researcher at NCB on [email protected], 020 7833 6811 or submit your details using this form:

This research is funded by John Paul Getty Junior Charitable Trust.

There is a proposed amendment to the ‘Children and Social Work’ bill which is currently going through Parliament – and which the iHV has signed to support.

The amendment is expected to receive widespread support. It simply sets out the need for those entering care to be assessed for a hidden neurodisability, and for social workers to have sufficient training to be able to look after them appropriately.

Official figures show that 60% of children in Care have Special Educational Needs, with many having some form of Neurodisability such as ASD or ADHD.  However, there is currently no automatic assessment and carers may have limited knowledge of these conditions.

Just take 2 minutes to complete this form to say you agree with this addition to the Bill: