The NSPCC has launched a new campaign, ‘Look, Say, Sing, Play’, which aims to show parents why taking a cue from their young child and reacting to what they’re doing is so important. The campaign empowers parents to change everyday moments into brain-building ones. It’s aimed at parents with babies under two, and is designed to be relevant right from birth. 

A survey of more than 2,000 parents and expectant parents revealed that 62% were unaware that the interactions they have with their new baby in moments such as playing, singing or story time can be brain building ones.

The campaign is based on fun and easy tips to help parents have high quality interactions with their baby by bringing more Look, Say, Sing, Play into their daily routine. It’s about making the most of what they’re already doing, rather than adding to the list of things they need to do. As well as helping with brain development, the tips are also designed to help parents bond with their baby.

Right from birth, every time you talk, sing or play with your baby, you’re not just bonding, you’re building their brain. 
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