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Our exciting new training packages draw on the learning from our detailed appraisal of the evidence base supporting sleep – undertaken by Maggie Fisher – a sleep specialist health visitor with over 25 years’ experience in the field. Lack of sleep can have a devastating impact on children, families and relationships, the consequences of which can be serious and far reaching.

The Mental Health Foundation identified sleep deprivation as a major public health priority (Robatham et al 2011). Health visitors and their teams can play a central role in preventing the occurrence of sleep and settling issues. When difficulties do arise they can effectively support sleep deprived families and use evidence based sleep interventions to manage sleep and settling issues.


Sleep options


Sleep Masterclass

This intensive and in-depth programme assumes prior knowledge of managing common settling and sleep issues and is therefore suited to experienced health visitors and those who have already undertaken practitioner level sleep training previously. The masterclass will use group work and interactive learning strategies to explore the management of a number of complex issues including:

1 Day
Experienced Health Visitors

Sleep Issues Awareness programme

The aim of this awareness programme is to support practitioners to understand normal sleep and prevent sleep and settling issues occurring and promote safe sleeping working in partnership with parents, and increase confidence and competence in this. The workshop will explore normal patterns of sleep and the factors that contribute and cause sleep and settling

1 Day

Sleep Assessment and Intervention Development Programme

This development programme is designed to be delivered across four modules over two days. It will equip you with the skills to practice authoritatively in partnership with parents, to effectively support families to promote healthy sleep and manage infant sleep and settling difficulties. The programme has been created by a sleep specialist health visitor with

2 Days