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Sleep Assessment and Intervention Development Programme

This development programme is designed to be delivered across four modules over two days. It will equip you with the skills to practice authoritatively in partnership with parents, to effectively support families to promote healthy sleep and manage infant sleep and settling difficulties. The programme has been created by a sleep specialist health visitor with 25 years’ experience in the support and management of babies’ sleep difficulties.

This programme has been accredited by CPD Standards Office

Incorporating a review of the theory underpinning sleep and sleep difficulties, practitioners will gain understanding of the different functions of sleep, components of ‘normal’ sleep. The factors that affect sleep and how to promote healthy sleep patterns in partnership with parents. Practitioners will be enabled to make a confident, thorough and effective assessment of sleep issues using a specifically developed sleep assessment tool – alongside the criteria to identify serious night waking issues and when to refer for specialist support and assessment. Armed with knowledge of a range of evidence-based interventions appropriate for use with infants and children, practitioners will be able to offer parents a variety of different solutions. The sleep management options offered to parents by practitioners should be respectful of the differing parental values and styles of parenting. Using a Compassionate Mind Approach (CMA) participants will explore how they can sensitively support parents who are facing sleep and settling issues using evidence-based strategies and recognising when onwards referral is needed.

This exciting programme is delivered to you via pre-course reading, small group and individual activities and group discussions. The training will be highly interactive and designed to build on practitioners’ existing skills and knowledge. Participants are invited to bring along any case examples they may find challenging as there will be opportunity to discuss and rehearse scenarios arising from practice. You will leave the course with a range of leaflets, tools and aide-memoirs to support your work. Practitioners will explore how to build a case to set up sleep clinics/workshops or sleep support groups and how to evaluate and demonstrate the impact of your work in this area.

What others thought...

“The course has given me more confidence. It made me think how much parents go through when their children do not sleep and how it affects their mental health. The objectives were met, and I will use lots of the information given.” “I have really enjoyed this training. Very informative, learnt many new strategies. Well delivered.”

March 2018

About the Facilitator for this programme

Maggie has worked as a health visitor for over 30 years both within and outside the NHS. Her specialist areas of interest and expertise are infant and child mental health, sleep and parenting. She has extensive experience in running a range of parenting courses and is a schools trainer and a national trainer of parent…

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