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The aim of the programme is to equip participants to not only consider and develop their own emotional wellbeing but to become wellbeing champions. Combining emotional wellbeing within the context of healthcare provision and using thinking around influencing our environments we have developed bespoke and holistic training to meet the needs of healthcare professionals.

This programme has been accredited by CPD Standards Office.


  • Develop an understanding of the importance of addressing the emotional impact that work has on practitioners
  • Understanding organisational defences
  • Raised awareness of the models of support available to enhance emotional wellbeing at an organisational and personal level
  • Understanding of skills required to influence our working environment and the people around us in a positive way
  • Participants will know how to access further information and online training


The programme is currently delivered as a one-day workshop or can be delivered as three half-day workshops spaced to allow for development and reflection

Key Elements include:

  1. Current policy in context – in particular the current drive to improve staff wellbeing.
  2. Cultivating compassion and how it links to staff wellbeing and outcomes for families.
  3. Mental health, stigma and shame – how comfortable are we in talking about our mental health and would we ask for help?
  4. Institutional and cultural defences can impact on professional anxiety, compassion and staff wellbeing.
  5. Influencing in a positive way – a wide range of influencing strategies including how to incorporate compassion and empathy into difficult conversations and conflict.
  6. Vanessa King’s 10 key elements for wellbeing – the foundation for helping people to develop individual skills and behaviours that will impact positively on their wellbeing. The framework is rooted in scientific evidence based on an extensive internal review of the literature on subjective wellbeing, mental health, and pro-sociality.

“Good resources – the trainers allow us to look at ourselves and reflect on our own practise”

“Totally beneficial – I can recognise the value of quality interaction of all participants and trainers in this”

December 2020