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Demonstrating Outcomes of Health Visiting Workshop

Suitable for experienced health visitors and team leaders – the workshop aims to support health visitors to understand and use data to demonstrate the value of health visiting practice to public health.

Aim of Demonstrating Outcomes of Health Visiting Workshop: 

Our aim is to clarify your knowledge and enhance your confidence in developing and demonstrating outcomes of health visiting in practice. 

Participating in this workshop will enable you to: 

  1. Appraise evidence for the 4-5-6 model of service delivery for health visiting 
  2. Clarify what is meant by ‘outcome’ in a range of contexts 
  3. Increase your knowledge of data available and its potential to demonstrate evidence of outcomes 
  4. Appraise outcomes frameworks available nationally and locally 
  5. Make use of ‘logic modelling’ to link data to measures of effectiveness 
  6. Prepare evidence for presentation to demonstrate effectiveness of health visiting 

The workshop makes use of the iHV’s ‘Outcomes and Evaluation in Health Visiting: A Practical Guide’ and the iHV’s ‘Economics of Health Visiting’ document.

Participants will explore the evidence base for the 4-5-6 model of health visiting and then make use of some of the tools within the guides to work with real data and be better be prepared to communicate confidently the contribution of health visiting to child public health outcomes.  

Hear what others said! What was the best part of the training for them?

“The course will support my learning and confidence in the forthcoming tender bid writing”

“I will share my learning from today with my team to empower them to understand the importance of outcomes”

“The logic modelling was really very interesting, and I will be using this within my role”

May 2019

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